If these cruel traps were judged by the agony they inflict, they would never be justified.

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What people have had to say in regional papers and media

about trapping.

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The Democrat Herald, 1/8/12, “How we treat wildlife.”

Missoula Independent, 2/3/11, “Trapping Indefensible.”

The Clark Fork Chronicle, 1/28/11, “Trapping Isn’t Green.”

Wallowa County Chieftain, 3/18/10. “ Trapping Tales.

Wallowa County Chieftain, 3/18/10, “Defense of Trapping Wrong.”

The Observer, 2/2/10, “Trapping is wrong because...”

The Observer, 1/11/10, “Opposed to Trapping.”

The Observer, 12/23/09, “Negative Implications.”

The Observer, 12/16/09, “Change of Heart.”

The Observer, 3/18/09, “Trappers, Citizens and the ODFW”

The Bend Bulletin, 2/8/08, “Leg-hold traps should be banned.”

The Observer, 4/20/07, "Leg- and body-hold traps are widely..."

The Mail Tribune, 3/19/07, “Killers in your back yard.”

The Mail Tribune, 3/17/07, “Why must solution be lethal?”

The Observer, 1/20/07, "A couple of trappers are running their lines..."

The Observer, 1/13/07, "My first day of Christmas break..."

The Observer, 1/10/06, "Snare trap snags dog..."

West By Northwest, 2/3/06, “Howl: My Dog Gus And The Trap.”

The Ashland Daily Tidings, 2/5/05, "On a recent weekend, Ruby, a Jack Russell Terrier...”

Nugget News, Sisters, OR, “Trapping is a shameful tradition,” 3/20/12

Bend Bulletin, 3/11/12, “Keep trapping off public lands.”


Predator Control Fails to Help Sheep Industry - Wildlife Conservation Society, March 15, 2006

The Year of the Predator - Reida Kimmel, West By Northwest, October 21, 2006

EPA  Investigates Human Poisoning By M-44 - The Salt Lake Tribune, 1/18/08

Deer Trapped and Killed by Snares - Jackson Hole Daily, 1/15/08

America’s Secret War On Wildlife - Christopher Ketchum, Men’s Journal, 11/07 (PDF)

Bear Traps Stir Hunter To Complain - Peter Sleeth, The Oregonian, June 16, 2007

People, Pets, and Traps:  A Deadly Mix on Public Lands - K. Stachowski, New West, March 19, 2007

Killing Natural Predators Does Little Good -Dave Rice, Reno Gazette Journal, February 9, 2007

Bobcat or dog? Leg traps don't distinguish - Oregonlive.com, January 28, 2007

Nevada Wildlife board member quits amid YouTube controversy over his abuse of trapped bobcat - Jason R. Latham, Fox5 News, 2/22/12.

Dog caught, nearly killed, in legal trap along Metolius River, OR - John Williams, Nugget News, 2/21/12.

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Kieri on the Metolius River Trail. She was nearly killed there by a trap. photo provided

What dog owners should know about legal trapping in Oregon...

Owners of both hunting and domestic dogs should be aware of other lawful uses in the areas where they enjoy the outdoors - including regulated trapping during legal trapping seasons.

Trapping is a highly regulated activity in Oregon. Oregon regulations are designed to ensure humane treatment or furbearers and other animals and make it illegal to use certain traps.

Traps set for some animals such as otters, raccoons, and lynx, can also catch dogs. Following are some tips and information that will help prevent your dog from inadvertently being caught in a trap.

It is unlawful to disturb or remove the traps of any licensed trapper while the trapper is trapping on public lands in season. If you believe a trap has been illegally set, contact the Oregon State Police.

Keep your dog in close contact at all times, and carry tools like wire cutters. In areas of trapping activity keep your dog on a leash. If not on a leash, control your dog as best as is possible.

Be aware of where and when trapping activity can occur. Most trapping occurs in the winter because pelts are more valuable at that time. Limited trapping also occurs during the spring and summer. Trapping is allowed on most public lands. Regulated trappers are not required to post signs, so always be aware.

Many of the traps in the area are what is called a Conibear Trap. The traps have springs on either side of "jaws." Squeeze both springs and twist the trap so the jaws are not placing pressure on the animal's windpipe. Squeeze together one of the springs using both hands until you are able to fasten the safety lock of the arms of the spring. Repeat the process on the other spring and slide the animal's head out of from between the jaws.

For detailed information, go to: http://dnr.wi.gov/org/land/wildlife/TRAP/bodygripbrochure.p df.

By Jim Williams

The Story of Bella, a Husky Almost Killed by a USDA Wildlife Services Snare - Ken Cole, The Wildlife News, 2/21/12.

Central Oregon Trapper Defends Tradition, Dogs Caught by Traps Spark Debate - Mackenzie Wilson, KTVZ.COM, 2/17/12.

Too Many Dogs Trapped In Bend - Dylan J. Darling, Bend Bulletin, 2/20/12.

Owner of injured dog calls for trapping-law reform - Darling J. Darlen, The Bend Bulletin, 2/25/12.

OSU Sets Traps - Eugene Weekly, Mary Democker. 3/1/12.

The Humane Society of the United States and Predator Defense Institute Commend OSU Decision to Deactivate Snares, 3/1/12.

Is trapping doomed? - Tom Reed, High Country News, April 12, 1999

Effects of Coyote Control on Domestic Sheep and Game  Animals - Robert L. Crabtree, for Predator Defense Institute, Nov., 1997

Dog Decapitated in Coyote Trap - AP, 2/08

Kansas Man’s Beagle Killed By Conibear Trap - Tim Unrah, Salina Journal, 3/09

Two-legged Dog Becomes Symbol of Trapping Flap - Mary Pemberton, ABC News, 7/08

Fox Kits Orphaned by Trapping - Theresa Hogue, Gazette-Times, June 4, 2008

Escaped Denali Wolves Wearing Snares - Mary Pemberton, Associated Press, April 25, 2008

A Montana Trapper Confesses - Taz Alago, New West, Feb.15, 2008

Animal Kills By Federal Agency More Than Double - Susan Montoya Bryan, AP, 6/17/09

Oregon Woman Prosecuted For Removing Trap That Caught Her Dog - Joyce Osterloh, La Grande Observer, 3/09

Cat Caught in Spring Trap in DRW, Euthanized - Homa Quazilbash, KTVZ, 9/30/11

This is no way to see a beautiful animal - Tim Woody, Alaska Magazine, 10/28/11

Trapped: What Is Found and Not Forgotten on the Hunt - Bruce Smithhammer, New West, 1/28/11

Hunting dog dies in death trap - Tim Unruh, Salina Journal, 12/30/10

Cat Stuck In Animal Trap Rescued - WBALTV, 1/20/11

Bobcat Fur Coats Raise Trapping Concerns In West - by Martin Griffith, AP, The Durango Herald, 7/24/09

The Mexican Wolf Cannot Best a Leghold Trap - Wendy Keefover, WildEarth Guardians, 8/8/11

Maggie’s Death - A Crime - Predator Defense, 11/11

Gresham dog dies in Conibear trap set out to catch nutria - Eric Mortenson, The Oregonian, 12/1/11

Traps can pose threat to hunting dogs: 2 dogs killed in 2 weeks - Brian S. Peterson, Brainard Dispatch, 12/30/11

Minnesota hunters upset after dogs killed in traps - Doug Smith, Star Tribune, 1/24/12.

Trapper to be cited for traps too close to camp near Sula; dog owners could be charged - Perry Backus, Missoulian, 1/3/12

Trapper Nabs Bend Family’s Dog Near Tumalo, OR - Mackenzie Wilson, KTVZ.COM, 2/13/12.

Another Dog Rescued From Central Oregon Trap,This One Closed Around Terrier's Neck Along Metolius - Mackenzie Wilson, KTVZ.COM, 2/16/12.

Dog Killed In Trap Near Nature Conservancy - Channel3000.com (Wisconsin), 10/18/11.

Trapping Foes Gather in Bend, Will Seek Band - John Hendricks, KTVZ.COM, 3/512.

Trail Rider’s Dog Trapped Near Bend, OR - Diana Levy, Rider’s Roundup, 3/12.

Trap Debate Gains Momentum - Dylan J. Darling, Bend Bulletin, 3/12/12.

Troutdale Man Traps, Shoots Neighbor’s Dog - Maxine Bernstein, The Oregonian, 3/27/12.

You’re Next: War of Words Over Idaho Wolf Trapping - Daily Mail (UK), 4/1/12

Bobcat Rescued From Illegal Snare - Predator Defense, 4/4/12

Trapping, The Barbaric Sport - George Weurthner, Counter Punch, 4/10/12

Dog gets prosthetic leg after losing part of its paw - KTV.Com, 4/13/12

Trapping? Pain? That’s a no-brainer! - Anja Heister, Daily Inter Lake, 4/15/12

Trapping Alive And Well In Southern Oregon - Beckie Elgin, Mail Tribune, 4/24/12

Ranchers shift from traps to dogs to fight coyotes - Peter Fimrite, San Francisco Chronicle, 4/27/12

Long struggles in leg-hold device make for gruesome deaths - The Sacramento Bee, 4/28/12

Wildllife Services' deadly force opens Pandora's box of environmental problems - The Sacramento Bee, 4/30/12

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2012/04/30/4452212/wildllife-services-deadly-force.html#storylink=cpy

The killing agency: Wildlife Services' brutal methods leave a trail of animal death - The Scaramento Bee, 4/28/12

Suggestions in changing Wildlife Services range from new practices to outright bans - The Sacramento Bee, 5/6/12

Editorial: Wildlife Services needs a tight leash - The Sacramento Bee, 5/6/12

Oregon bear hunter condemns bear trapping by timber industry and Wildlife Services - Eugene Register, 5/10/12

HSUS calls for Wildlife Services reform - Sacramento Bee, 5/12/12

West Linn family's dog euthanized after failing to recover from trap injuries - Oregonian, 5/24/12

Gap in Wildlife care is NOT OK - The Statesman Journal, 5/17/12

Activists see no additional safety in revised trap plan - Mail Tribune, 6/1/12

‘Damage is ugly,’ ex-Wildlife Services official recalls - Idaho Statesman, 6/10/12

TrapFree Oregon Billboard Urges Protection of Oregon Wildlife, 6/19/12