If these cruel traps were judged by the agony they inflict, they would never be justified.

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ODFW Commissioners Turn Down Significant Changes to Trapping Regulations,

See no reason to protect wildlife from trapping agony.

June 7,  2012

Salem, OR.

The ODFW Commission spurned most proposed changes to the fur trapping regulations today, following ODFW staff recommendations to reject a 24 hour trap-check time, trapper ID tags on traps and posting of trap warning signs near traps. The Commission approved some trap setbacks from waterways and public trails, although reducing the distance to 50' from the requested 100'. Conservation groups had requested these changes in a petition filed March 8. The Commissioners argued about what width constituted a “trail” but followed staff recommendations without substantial debate.

Spokespersons from Predator Defense, HSUS and the Portland Audubon Society supported  the petition along with several citizens. TrapFree Oregon spokesman Chris Baker in his comments stressed that the changes recommended by ODFW staff were woefully inadequate to protect pets and the public, limiting the protected zone to a 100' wide corridor along trails. He added that, “TrapFree Oregon has found that most arguments in favor of trapping are easily and convincingly refuted. We believe that public education on this issue will produce enough support for our legislation to get it passed by the People and signed by the Governor.”

The changes adopted by the ODFW will do nothing to lessen the agony experienced by trapped animals.

Commenting on the Commission decision, Sally Mackler of Predator Defense said, “Voters now have to take matters into their own hands ...”

TrapFree Oregon

Read original petition here.