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Welcome to the TrapFree Oregon Action Page!

TrapFree Oregon has formed an action group in central Oregon.

We are a high energy, optimistic group with one goal:

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Learn how you

can get involved to stop this barbaric & intentional infliction

of cruelty & distress to Oregon’s wild animals.


To ban trapping in Oregon!

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If you have trapping stories, we would like to hear them! Please tell us.

ODFW Commissioners Turn Down Significant Changes to Trapping Regulations, see no reason to protect wildlife from trapping agony.

On June 7, ODFW Commissioners refused to make real changes to Oregon trapping rules as requested by conservation groups.  

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This one got away!

Courtesy Predator Defense

This coyote was lucky to survive. Read how some hikers rescued her!

Letters to the Bend Bulletin

updated 5/24/12

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TrapFree Oregon Supporters Gather in Bend to Seek an  End to Trapping

Trail Rider’s Dog Trapped Near Bend

Trap Debate Gains Volume

Bend TFO Activists Irene & Jennifer interviewed by Vegan Radio, 3/27/12

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Bobcat rescued from illegal snare, Predator Defense, 4/4/12. Watch the video!

Trapping should be banned, Guest Commentary, The Source Weekly, 3/20/12

Trapping a shameful tradition, Nugget News, Sisters, OR, 3/20/12

Trapping? Pain? That’s a no-brainer! 4/15/12

Bear hunter condemns bear trapping by timber industry and Wildlife Services. 5/10/12

"We are going to have trapping banned in Oregon," said Lucinda Baker, director of TrapFree Oregon. Bend Bulletin, 5/17/12.

West Linn family's dog euthanized after failing to recover from trap injuries, Oregonian, 5/24/12

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Owner of dog killed by fur trap set in a Metolius River state fish hatchery condemns ODFW failure to make significant changes to trapping rules. The dog, Kieiri, succumbed to spinal injuries months after being trapped. 6/1/12

TrapFree Oregon Billboard Urges Protection of Oregon Wildlife 6/19/12

In My View, Bill Bodden, Bend Bulletin, 6/29/12