If these cruel traps were judged by the agony they inflict, they would never be justified.

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The information below is excerpted from the Oregon Department of Fish And Wildlife website. For the full text click here (PDF).

● The general furbearer regulations do not apply to the trapping

of gophers, moles, ground squirrels and mountain beaver.

● It is unlawful to disturb or remove the traps or snares of any

licensed trapper while that person is trapping on public lands or on other land by

landowner’s permission.

● All traps or snares set or used for the taking of furbearing or unprotected

mammals shall be inspected at least every 48 hours and all trapped animals removed.

● Any person setting a trap for predatory animals, as defined in ORS 610.002, must check the trap as follows:

  (1) for killing traps and snares, at least once every 30 days and remove all animals;

  (2) for restraining traps and snares, at least once every 76 hours and remove all animals.       

●Restraining traps and snares set by a person owning, leasing, occupying,

possessing or having charge of or dominion over any land, building, structure, wharf, pier or dock or their agent, and set for predatory animals damaging land, livestock or agricultural or forest crops, shall be checked at least once every 7 days.


Species Open Seasons Open Areas and Special Regulations

Bobcat December 1 through February 28

WESTERN OREGON - No bag limit.

EASTERN OREGON - Bag limit five (5).

Gray Fox November 15 through February 28 Entire State

Red Fox Open season entire year: Malheur, Baker, Harney, Morrow,

Gilliam, Umatilla, Union, Wallowa, and Wheeler counties.

October 15 through January 15: remainder of state.

Marten November 1 through January 31 Entire State

Muskrat/Mink November 15 through March 31 Entire state.

Raccoon  November 15 through March 15 Entire state.

River Otter November 15 through March 15 Entire state except Grant County, and all the areas closed to beaver trapping.

Fisher, Ringtail Cat, Wolverine, Kit Fox and Sea Otter Closed season entire year.

Badger, Coyote, Nutria, Opossum, Porcupine, Spotted Skunk, Striped Skunk and Weasel

Open season entire year.

Beaver — November 15 through March 15 in areas set forth on page 2 of Oregon Furbearer Trapping and Hunting regulations.